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Heavy Machinery & Equipment
Excavator arm integrated into multi-body dynamics model
The traditional challenges of heavy equipment engineering involve designing products to safely and effectively perform in harsh environments and under extreme conditions. Today, these challenges are amplified by a heightened demand from customers and regulatory agencies to meet standards for comfort related to noise and vibration.

Our applications are used by many of the most successful companies in the heavy equipment industry to meet these challenges while shortening design cycles and reducing reliance on physical prototypes and tests. The bottom line for them is better, more competitive products and reduced product development costs.
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Mining
Solutions for the heavy equipment industry include:
  • Tracked & wheeled vehicle modeling & analysis
  • Soft soil interaction
  • Balancing reach and agility requirements with stability & safety
  • Controls system design
  • Noise & vibration analysis
  • Obstacle traversing
  • Durability “hot spot” predictions
  • Design optimization for shape, weight & cost
  • Hydraulic & pneumatic cylinder modeling & analysis
  • Seal modeling & analysis
Advanced nonlinear contact analysis
Heavy Machinery solutions include:
  • Gear & bearing modeling and analysis
  • Durability & fatigue analysis
  • Hydraulics & pneumatics simulation
  • Controls system modeling & analysis
  • Structural analysis
  • Noise & vibration analysis
  • Seal analysis
  • Pump modeling & analysis
  • Motion analysis for mechanisms & systems
  • Weight & shape optimization
  • Conveying equipment simulation
  • Material handling simulation
  • Turbine & rotating machinery modeling & analysis