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Intelligent Control Toolkit for LabVIEW (ICTL)
In technical systems, controls are the “brain” determining what a system is capable of and how the system reacts to changes of its input parameters. Technical systems, like living organisms, can range from simple to very complex with complex, non-linear systems requiring superior brain power to reliably (out-) perform as intended. Artificial Intelligence (AI) delivers the capability to implement flexible, highly functional controls and is therefore playing a crucial role in the design of smart, high-performance products.

The use of intelligent controls is not limited to rocket science or other aerospace and defense projects like unmanned vehicles or self learning robots. Controls using AI are driving a broad range of industrial and consumer products as well as their manufacturing processes. Fuzzy logic for example is improving the performance of appliances; well known are vacuums capable of cleaning floors without direct human involvement. In other applications, intelligent controls make greenhouses more energy efficient, increase automobile safety, or most efficiently address public transportation problems such as traffic jams and pollution.

With ICTL, engineers get a tool to design intelligent control applications and go far beyond PID. Easy to implement even in case of non-linear systems, the technology in ICTL supports the design of highly functional and efficient controls – ensuring competitive products today and in the future.