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As “engineered materials”, composites offer product manufacturers several advantages in terms of weight and performance, however they also come with several challenges in terms of product design. Delamination and fatigue failure, micro-cracking leading to eventual failure, and other mechanisms that aren’t a factor in designing with metals are very important for composites. They are also not well understood, and because of long and expensive manufacturing processes, physical prototyping is even less practical. Without the right CAE tools, selection of appropriate material can be both time and resource consuming.

Ourextensive solution capabilities in composites help our customer in analyzing and enhancing their designs. The tools offered by MSC are ideal for any of the common types of composites, namely, polymer matrix, metal matrix, ceramic matrix, carbon matrix composites and more.
Composite fuselage
Crack propogation
Buckling delamination
Industry Uses:
  • Aerospace & DefenseRadomes, Aircraft panels, Floors, Doors, Heat shields, Wing, Helicopter fuselage
  • Automotive: Brake rotors, Combustion engines, Cockpit, Trimming, Instrument panels, Body panels
  • Consumer Products: Sporting goods, Packaging, Heat sinks for electronic systems, Bicycle frames
  • Energy: Wind turbine blades, Solar panels, Offshore structures like thick-walled tubular, subsea pipes, tanks
  • Government / Civil: Concrete structures, Bridges, Barriers
  • Medical: Prosthetic implants, Endoscopic/Laparoscopic devices, Suction/Irrigation devices